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About The Writer

Elyse Y. Robinson has been described as fearless. After losing her mother to blood cancer, she left America to mourn her mother in Mexico and decided to stay. Going into her 5th year of spending time in Mexico, she is the Founder of Switch Into Tech Inc.

Switch Into Tech Inc. started because you read so many times that you should solve your own problems. Elyse loves to research opportunities to take advantage of for free or cheap. Elyse has won scholarships, bootcamps, exam vouchers, events, and more. At other's requests, she took her research skills and web development knowledge to turn Switch Into Tech into a business.

Before becoming the fearless person Elyse is now, she was an Auditor that kept the public safe and before COVID hit, an IT Consultant in Mexico helping people understand the intricacies of the Cloud.

You can find Elyse splitting her time between America and Mexico when she gets tired of tacos and Spanish or Chick-Fil-A and English.

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Elyse Y. Robinson is the Founder of Switch Into Tech where she does monthly seminars, posts weekly freebies to switch into tech, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and in love with Mexico.