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08 | Selling Sea Moss As An Entrepreneur | Kaila Hill: Sun Kai's Seamoss

08 | Selling Sea Moss As An Entrepreneur | Kaila Hill: Sun Kai's Seamoss

From Health Science To Substitute Teacher To Entrepreneur


Kaila Hill is a young entrepreneur and substitute teacher. She graduated from college as a Health Science major but soon realized her passion in teaching and selling sea moss. She goes into detail about the process of becoming a substitute teacher in Georgia and her ups and downs as an entrepreneur.

Kaila Hill:


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From Health Science To Substitute Teacher
How To Become A Substitute Teacher in Georgia
From Health Science To Entrepreneur
Health Benefits Of Sea Moss
What Does Sea Moss Taste Like?
Ups And Downs As An Entrepreneur
Sun Kai's Seamoss
Learn The Business Of Sea Moss

Show Notes

Hey y'all this is your host Elyse Robinson. With nobody wants to work though podcasts I hope the stories were inspire you to switch careers. I was an auditor in my past life and I'm in tech, then let's get to it

we are switch into tech tech resources to accelerate your career in information technology, monthly classes on tech topics. We offer free or discounted exam vouchers, scholarships for you to meet courses, free events, free boot camps and more. You can find us at www dot switch into tech.org. I recorded it

hey y'all this Elyse Y. Robinson and I am the podcast host of nobody wants to work though. Today we have at Kaila Hill. I'm gonna butcher her name, but most people

do. But she

was my name to call me LC. So that's it. And so I let her give an introduction for herself. And we can go from there.

Okay, so yes, my name is Kayla Hill. I am 26 years old, I have kind of started down like the whole holistic health venture. Because I do have a health science degree, a bachelor's of health science degree. And that's kind of a part of my career changing and switching. But I found myself you know, as COVID hit, finding more of the more holistic and natural remedies to heal yourself to hear to heal your body. So yeah, that's, I'm doing that it's called Sun KC Moss, because it's basically mainly sea Moss, but I have some other stuff that I'm trying to get in the works that's more holistic, like bath salts, and just different things like that more self care things for the body.

And what did you do? Oh, you said you didn't help help before? And then yes, so what are you doing now? Because I saw that you were doing teaching?

Yes. So I decided, so I was in the healthcare field. I was like, a receptionist at different like nursing homes and things like that. And then COVID happened, like right when I graduated, because my idea was I'm gonna go work into the hospital. So then when COVID hit, I was kind of like, do I want to put myself in that setting? And so I kind of steered away from that. And I was like, Well, let me just be like in nursing homes and things like that. So I was doing that living in Florida. And then life happened and shift and I actually started working at Amazon, down in Fort Myers, Florida. Then I realized that, again, wasn't something that I wanted, because I was like a safety specialist. So kind of like just making sure that the building and the employees and stuff were safe while they were doing their jobs. But then I was kind of like, okay, it's kind of what I like, but the hours weren't so great. So I was like, Okay, let me make another shift. So I was just like, oh, let me come back home to Georgia, which is my hometown. So I came back to live with my mother. She's actually a teacher. So she's kind of the one that kind of steered me more into the educational side. Because I was like, Well, I kind of educate and teach people from my own business. So it's kind of like, I'm already a teacher in a way just not to like students and teaching every subject and different things like that. So she was like, well, you can try substitute teaching. And so I was like, okay, so I did that I filled out the application. The application process was fast. I went to orientation, because substitute teachers are needed, because I guess nobody these days wants to teach anymore. So it's in it's in a very high demand. So I did all that. I had to take a test, do a class and then take a test. And then after that, it was official. So now I am in the system of being a substitute teacher. So it's kind of like, just like when teachers need days off or like if they get sick or just like any emergencies like that. I can get a call to my phone or I can look up on their app. up and see what positions are open and I can just go in and fill in for any grade that I would like anything like that. So it's kind of more flexible, which I like, I like, freedom in my workplace, like, I don't want like a steady nine to five every day, I want to be able to kind of make my own schedule. So I was like, Okay, this could be something that I can probably get used to. So

yeah, gotcha. Um, do you think you're going to, like, further pursue being a teacher or go back? Probably,

but I actually something else came up that they were like, well, PE teachers are needed. Now. I was like, huh, so I was like, okay, I can still have, you know, my fitness, health care, but then also do the teaching. And so I think I just like have to, I probably have to go back and take like the gaisce test. And then after that, I can be certified since I already have the health science, bachelor's degree, I can just take a test and then I can be a PE teacher. So I was thinking about going down that route. Because with my business, I want to be able to be flexible, and be able to say, Hey, I know I'm gonna have weekends off. I know, I'm gonna have holidays off. Like, I'm not gonna have to work on holidays like most jobs, sadly. We have to do. So yeah, I probably will pursue it. And then still keep my healthcare fitness side because that is something that is a part of me. So yes.

Yeah, no, they get summers off and get a pinch. Yeah. Yes. So and I will say that I'm originally from California, and like, the best like Retirement System in the whole probably the one of the whole world which is Thurs. So, so yeah, I mean, being a teacher. If I was a teacher, I teach my more older kids. I teach adults now. So it's like, ya know, like, I like teaching adults, but I don't mind mentoring kids.

Right, exactly. Exactly. Exactly.

A whole teaching thing all day long with with kids

like, right? Because their attention span can be kind of off and on. And it's like, okay, let's free redirect you to this. And then it's just like, that's why I kind of like it, because I was like, I can kind of see what grades I might like. Because like, I just know, like, being a middle school in high school and having subs, like, sometimes the kids could go crazy. Like, they can just start doing whatever, because they're like, oh, I have so we can we don't have to act a certain way. But then it's just each teacher zone is a learning experience, I

would say, definitely. I know, as an entrepreneur myself, I want to talk about my business. So tell me how you got into Samos?

Yes, so I think when so I've always been like into fitness and health. So I was on like a weight loss journey. And I've tried the keto diet, and I realized, you know, that's not the best diet that you should be doing, even though you can drop weight really, really fast, which I did. But then it was just like, I dropped all this weight. And then I was like, I don't really have like, meat on my bones. Like I'm not really as built in as healthy as I would like to be. So then I was like, Okay, well, let me just try to you know, eat more proteins, eat my rice and then work out. And so I kind of got consistent on that. And then I heard about CMOS. And so I found somebody that was selling it and I was like, Okay, let me try it for myself. So I tried it. And I liked the benefits that it gave me. It gave me the energy. I felt like during that time, my immune system was more built and more healthy. And so I was like, Okay, this will be something that I would like to keep trying but then I was like, you have to buy it. Like, it's like it's only supposed to be kept in your refrigerator two to four weeks. So I was like, Is this something that I want to keep buying from somebody or why not try to just make it myself? So I started looking into that. And I was like, Okay, I was like I can actually make this for myself. And do things like like that. So I went down that route. And then me just being a person that wants to be of service and help people. I was like, well, most people really don't know about SEMA. So I was like, Well, let me put myself on a platform, and like, start selling it to friends and to the family and things like that, that might need it. So I started doing that, like around 2021 COVID happened. So it was kind of like the perfect time because it was like people and their immune systems and people getting sick and stuff like that. Um, so I did that. And then I actually really liked it, I was getting really, really good feedback. You know, people were giving me testimonials of like, how they, how it made them feel great how they weren't getting sick as much as they used to. So I was like, Okay, maybe this is something that I should take, you know, kind of more seriously. So I kind of sat down, gave the name for myself, son K CMOS, which my name is Kayla. So I just broke it down to K. But then the sun part came from I kind of relate to the sun and I see the sun is vitality and energy and enlightenment and things like that. So I came up with that. And then I was just kind of like, what do I want to give? How is this gonna help people and I just started forming that way coming up with logos and then slowly but surely kind of, I've kind of built like some main people who you know will come to me and be like, hey, I want you to see Mars I love your see Mars, I can't find anybody that makes you see Mars consistency like yours and stuff like that. So now I'm kind of like, at the spot of rebranding more, because I feel like there is more for me to give because I've been learning more holistically about like herbs and just different things like that. So that's why I kind of wanted to start at like, bath salts because I love taking bubble baths. So I was like, just doing like different herbs and essential oils and things like that for people that they could just put it in their bag just to relax. And also, you know, it gives benefits to your body. So yeah, just coming from the health care field and just being active and wanting to like lose weight for myself and wanting a transformation in my own body. It kind of just built from there.

Definitely definitely one of my girlfriends he he runs the podcast on on people that lost a lot of weight because he lost almost 200 pounds. Wow. And he did keto and all that stuff to lose a lot of weight. And then he had to build himself back up. Yo, I totally understand I do even though I've been I've been a lanky skinny,

but I lived through maybe one day, I get some meat on my bones.

Um, outside of that, you you mentioned something is is the rebranding. Because as a as an entrepreneur, you know, you don't know which way you want to go. When you do things. It's like, I guess that's just life in general. Like you don't know which way you want to go and which route you need to take. But it spoke to me because I recently rebranded my teaching side of my business, it was called switching to tech. And so I have like a whole bunch of different things underneath it. And I suppose I switched it to I'm calling it disk mode now so Okay, so yeah, I totally get as an entrepreneur, but I will say, you know, focus on it as much as you as you can, because if you don't if you don't touch it every day, it won't drive and it will roll. Exactly, exactly. Um, outside that here. Here's a fun What did you want to be when you when you were little? Let's see, I

think first I was like, I don't want to be a lawyer. And then I was just like, No, I heard how much school you had to go through. So then I was like, I want to be a bit. And then yeah, I think from there, that's the longest. So I think that's kind of like how I knew I needed to be like somewhere in the healthcare field or like helping people kind of stay I wanted to be a veterinarian for the longest so like I grew up with dogs and I couldn't have cats because my dad was allergic to cats. But, but yes, I grew up with us. And yeah, I definitely just knew I was going to be a veterinarian.

That's funny, because every, every guest I've had on here, so they wanted to be. Really? Yeah.

That's why because I really don't think anybody has really asked me that question. But yeah, and then I feel like you really don't hear a lot about this, like people saying, oh, I want to be of it. But hey.

I was like, yeah, no, that is true.

That's very true. Very, very, very,

um, all these things come at a cost. I mean, you told me that you moved and all this other kind of stuff. I mean, it sounds like you had support with your mother. Yes. What did it cost you? And you know, outside of that, that people think you were crazy, you know, and all that other kind of stuff? Of course,

um, I mean, when I was in college, well, of course college that, that cost a lot of money. So it's kind of like, so when I was in college, my I first wanted to go down biology. So that was like, I was like, I'm gonna get a just a straight biology degree. And then as I was taking classes, I was just like, all these biology classes. I was like, No, I was like, I don't want to do this. So then I changed to health science. And then like, when I told my parents that they were kind of like, oh, well, you know, you need to figure out what you want to do. Because we're paying for your college. And it's like, okay, yeah, I know. That's why I'm here. I know, I've, you know, maybe took this for like a year or two. And now I'm switching and it says, like, now I'm gonna graduated a year later, but I'm like, I think this is something that I'm really going to enjoy. So I did that. That happened. And then you know, my ideal thing was to go back to school to do physical therapy. So here's like, I graduated December of 2019. COVID happened 2020. So it was just like, everything shifted. And they were like, Oh, so you're not gonna go back to school. And I'm like, I can't do any more school, to be honest. So I was like, I just can't, it didn't feel like something that I really, really wanted to pursue. So I was like, No, so then again, it was just like, Oh, what are you going to do? How are you going to, to figure out a career that you're gonna go down, get a good job, all this and all that. And so at that point, that's when I had, I had moved to Florida for the first time by myself. And I was just figuring it out. Got the receptionist jobs at the nursing place. So I guess like it just just a lot of schooling and a lot of putting money into other things. I wouldn't say it was wasted. Because, essentially, I mean, it helped. It just was kind of like, some bad tracks. But it all helped me understand what my main goal want it to be in the first place. Because that's kind of when I started my whole business. And then when I was like, oh, I want to start a business and it was a whole nother will. How are you going to invest in yourself? So this is something else that you want to do? What do you really want to do? So just kind of like, a lot of that in my ear, but I kept having to tell myself like, okay, Kayla, if this is what you want to do, you're at an age where you just have to do it, you just have to follow your heart and go for it. Because if you feel like it's right for you, there's there's something positive that has to come out of this. So So yeah, it was just kind of been kind of like the downfalls with the business like kind of understanding like, Okay, I have to buy this much si MAs. And then this many people are buying Siemens from me, and then it was kind of like a state where I was like, Oh, well just give away some steam ons just to be nice, but then it was kind of like, well, I can't do that all the time, because it's kind of mess with my inventory. So it was a it was a lot to learn financially in that sense. And I mean, I lost some money, but I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge from it.

Yeah, I'm thinking you're older than you so. Okay. I'm just laughing to myself, because I've heard it all from my parents. Yes, yes. My thing is that nothing in life is really a waste of time. You're not because like you said, you you took what you what you did wrong. wrong. And who's to say that it was wrong?

Right? Right. Exactly.

And you know, and you apply it later in life and so you know, nothing nothing, you know, in life is incorrect or, or wrong. Everything is but it's a learning experience and where the trick comes into play is if you don't keep repeating that over and over again, right? Exactly. once before, like, Why are you keeping doing it over and over again? Well, that's the trick. If people hear a lot more in background, I'm not going to record on Fridays ever again, because they ain't got no grass. And they really out there just

I got it Lemoore in my background, too. So but it's I think they're kind of far away. So you can't really hear it, but

what do you do? Um, what was your? Well, you kind of talked about it a little bit, but what was your your like, process on saying, hey, you know, I'm a health major, um, you know, what was what spoke to you about sea moss instead of like, I don't know, mint tea, I mean, because that's something healthy, right? And with that,

I think because like when I was reading the benefits that it gave me it was that it will give your body like it will just help your immune system, your digestive system, cardiovascular system. And then I think it was the fact that it's actually a seaweed found in the ocean. So I just felt like it was more organic and more of nature. Um, so I don't know that it kind of just spoke to me more because I'm kind of like, I feel like we're one with nature. So I was like, Oh, well, if I'm eating something that comes from nature, then I have to you know, get some good consumption from it. Um, so yeah, and then just reading just like the benefits that it helped me with and then just kind of knowing that like, I have a lot of family who suffer from like high blood pressure and that's one of the things that it said it would help and just little different things like that. I think it just it just spoke to me more because it felt I felt more called and more close to the benefits that I said it will get my buddy

I have never tried see moss I keep hearing about people taking it but seaweed is so gross to me foam like I know when I

first saw it I was like

and my love like people see we chips and they're so gross. Yeah. I'm like you're nasty. So explain while like nail like or taste like

Yeah, I do because the taste is it is nasty. I'm not even gonna lie it is nasty. And like the consistency of it is kind of like applesauce and like baby food. So I know some people like our our texture types of people and they might not like that. So I like because like you can add it in smoothies or teas or coffee so then you don't really taste the taste or get that consistency. But what I do do is I add like limes in it to kind of make that oceany taste go away. But then I've started doing like fruit blends so like I have like a strawberry blend and a watermelon watermelon blend blueberry just like different kind of like alkaline fruits to kind of mix with it so won't taste so so bad. So that's kind of like what I am rebranding the kind of do because I started off doing that and I made like what I call my root chakra and sacral chakra mix, but then I had a whole plan to do all the chakras and then life happened and then I kind of got the tear to from that so now I'm kind of back on. Okay, now I'm like I'm kind of researching more of what are alkaline fruits that I can add with it could just adding any fruits that still it wouldn't give you the right or the same body benefits as alkaline fruit. So that's what I'm doing now and I just kind of want them to be the colors of each chakra so it could kind of help each chakra because I feel like you know whatever color food you eat They're quite close, you were can kind of help heal those chakras in a way. So, yeah.

So do you share? I mean, does it have to be refrigerated and

yes, so it does have to be refrigerated. Since it is like algae in a seaweed does have to stay refrigerated for like two to four weeks, or you can freeze it, and it can stay frozen up to like a month. Um, and then like, you can do little cute things like putting it in ice cubes, and then freezing them and like putting them in your smoothies. Um, but then I do ship. So when I ship, I try to get little ice packets, so it can stay cold depending on like, where it's going. Because if they're going a lot farther, sometimes I'm at the post office, sometimes these days they'll be playing. So I like to put the ice packages in there. And then I just make sure that I have really, really, really good packaging, because that's something that I've learned delivering some people's packaging that they got like it was bursts. And so then that was a whole thing having to learn like, Well, why is it busting? Is it like the post office not handling it right? Or is it because it's sitting there maybe in heat, and it's combusting. So that was some things that I have to learn. So I learned that not to fill it all the way up to the top because it CAN bus and then putting ice packets in there can help a lot because it just, it keeps everything frozen. And then just making sure that you have like a box and something over the box to just keep everything tight and close and in your fragile stickers. Because sometimes the UPS they do just throw things in this like I don't need you to throw this.

I'm excited about your journey. Because yeah, you got me and my friend talk about you know, we call it a B testing. That's a we call it we test this test that you know, did that work? Did that work? No. Okay, back to the drawing board. So I totally get it. Um, next question. Um, you talked about that already. Okay. Here's one. What was the process, like, from going from, you know, working at Amazon to become a substitute teacher? Like your resume? Do you get put on a list, and they just call you as a substitute teacher?

So yeah, they do do that. Um, so Well, basically, with my resume, I didn't really have to change it as much, because for a substitute teacher, that kind of just look because you can even have, you don't even have to have a bachelor's degree to be a substitute teacher, it just goes off the pay. So your pay would just be a bit different. Um, so I didn't really have to change my resume, I did have to find a lot more references, because I, I've always never had like solid references, but with the substitute job like they actually like, called each reference you they send them an email, they had to fill stuff out. So it was more like critiqued in that way. So I did have to kind of find people and was like, Hi, do you mind me putting you down as a reference? So I did have to do that. But other than that, I mean, I just went on the Board of Education website, and then I just filled in, filled out the application, of course, you know, they do the background check. So how to wait for that to come back. Then they do orientation, just kind of telling you like, what to expect. And different things like that. And then it's just kind of like a waiting process as they get all the information together, and then you set up the fingerprinting. So then that's kind of like another waiting period, and then you take the class and then take the test and then you're put on your put in line online for teachers to call you or text you. If they know that they're going to be off or say somebody gets sick. And they need to call in and say hey, I need a sub. Luckily, with my mom working as a teacher at her job, she went ahead and she told her principal so her principal, like sent an email out with my name and my number and was like, Hi Miss Lumpkin. And starters as of now, so anytime anybody knows they're going to be off or needs to Nisa sub even contact her so, yeah,

gotcha. Um It's funny to me because most people follow in their parents footsteps when it comes to like career change like that and you didn't want to were government workers so I wouldn't permit you know, because I knew what to expect that a pension you know my mother and father retired super early most people can't say that and they get paid to sit at home you know, but, um, but yeah, you know, I was like cool, I'll go work for the government and stuff like that but you circle back around you got to learn your lesson.

Exactly. I was like, Well, you know, it's somewhere in my blood. So I was like teaching, you know, that's not so bad. So yeah.

Well, yeah, I get it. I do, because at a certain point, I was like, Yeah, I want to go work for you know, a big corporation and stuff like, yeah, and I couldn't find the jobs. So let me know exactly. That you talked about the positive negatives, you know, doing your see moss business? What are some of the positive and negatives as a teacher, you don't have to tell me cuz I don't, I won't get you in trouble. But you know.

I'm so right now, since it's kind of like it's fairly still in the newer stages. To me, I really haven't found a lot of negatives to it yet, which I'm sure there is because I mean, just hearing sometimes when my mom comes home, it's kind of like, because she kind of swept like she was strictly in the classroom. And now, she's an ESL teacher, where she helps like students who come from foreign languages and, like, may need help with writing and reading and stuff like that. So they just like come into her classroom. So she's like, I like this a whole lot better than just being in the classroom. 24/7. So, I know, as I go on, like, there's gonna be days where I'm like, Okay, I know, I don't want to surf for this class, or for this grade, and things like that. But right now, the positive I see from it is that I can just kind of work at my own pace and kind of make my own schedule. So like, if I get a call in saying, Hi, are you available? I can say no, or I can say yes. So it's not kind of something that I really have to be committed to every day. So I still can have time to do other stuff, when I don't want to do that. Um, and then I guess another positive would be that I don't really have to be in that same class every single day because I kind of like change most people. They don't like change but I kind of like the different atmosphere because I can get bored doing one thing for way way too long sometimes. I'm so just being able to kind of flow like oh, one day I'm doing first grade the next day, next day, I'm doing sixth grade or I'm subbing for a different teacher in the same grade so so yeah.

I guess this will be two parts and you are entrepreneur and then you are also a teacher, what are some traits that you find to be successful as entrepreneur and then also as a teacher?

Organization, I can say that I learned a lot of organization from having my own business. And so I feel like organization has helped a lot being a teacher because like, you have the teacher just gives you a lesson plan. And you have to abide by that lesson plan all day. So you kind of have to be organized like, Okay, this morning, we might be doing math and we have to transition into writing, then we have to go to lunch, then we come back and do another subject. And then at the same time, you kind of have the people was like, Okay, well what students were helpful what students were kind of off task, what did we not get to in the day, um, and just like little things like that and keeping up with that, um, and then also like just even being prepared to go in for the day. Make sure that you have your lunch any pencils that you may need any Extra anything that you need. So like I had started doing, like, bring in like little rewards for the kids that were doing good. So I was like, Oh, that's a cute way. Because I mean, most people don't do that. But I was like, being an entrepreneur kind of thing. Above and Beyond sometimes I was like, little kids, I know, they like, Oh, if I get a sticker, I get this, or oh, if I get something special that somebody else may not have gotten, because I was good. It might make them be like, Okay, well, let me keep being good. So yeah, I think organization is definitely the number one thing that has helped out a lot.

What? What are like some tips and tricks you can give someone that, you know, may want to start a business or become a teacher?

Um, so I would say, so if you're trying to start a business first. I say just do it. That's the first you can't, you can't, if you keep overthinking it, then you're gonna keep telling yourself why you can't do it, or why you shouldn't do it. I feel like you should just start writing down a game plan of what you're going to do, how you're going to do it and slowly start putting things together and bringing it out to the public. Another thing I would say is, don't lowball your prices, just because you feel like somebody else might not pay for them. Because that's a big thing that I had to learn, like, friends, like, Oh, let me give you a little discount, because you're my friend or let me give it to you for free because you're my friend. And it's kind of like, Yeah, that's cool. And all but then in the same aspect, too much of that is not good. Because then they can maybe like the start overusing you, or then like tell their friend like, oh, well, she gave me this. So maybe she'll give it for you. And it's like, well, no, I just did that for you. Because you have a friend. Yeah, um, and then I would also say like, I know, some businesses, you have to get your LLC, but I would say if you could hesitate off of getting your LLC until you get more clients hell and more like people knowing about your business, because then you have to go into the whole filing taxes and financial side. And then if you're not really gaining anything from it, then you're gonna feel like Oh, well. I have LLC, but I'm not really gaining anything from it. Like I was like, um, so yeah, I think though, those will be the top three things I would say about if you wanted to start a business, those are my tips. For if you want to, like be a teacher, I would say if you don't like kids don't even think about how they you have to be with kids. 24/7 So I say teaching is like, teaching is something that you know, that like, that you can do so like special people I feel like, need to teach. Um, but yeah, so, um, I feel like that should be a no red flag. But, um, other things would just be you know, kind of like, be yourself, be that nice teacher, but strict teacher. So, like, have fun with the kids, but then also know that there's a time like, know that. Okay, yeah, this teacher is fun. But if you do X, Y, and Z, she's not gonna play it with you, like, you will have consequences that come with it. Um, so yeah, I think those are the those would be my tips and tricks.

Gotcha. Um, any last words for someone that wants to career switch?

Honestly, if your heart is telling you to do it, then do it. Don't think about what other people might say. Or don't overthink about Oh, well. I'm totally like leaving the past behind. I'm leaving what I said I was gonna do for the longest behind because your career can change just like you change as you evolve. Different things that you like are going to change. So it's just you changing so I feel like you should just go for it, and do it and maybe find some resources or some people that are kind of doing the same things and talk to them. I'm about it and, yeah, make a decision from there, but I definitely feel like you should follow your heart whatever you do.

Gotcha. Um, tell people where to find you. And we can close it out.

Yes. So on Instagram, you could find me at Sun que si ma. So is Su n KAISEAM. O S, S. M, and then on. Really that's my business. Instagram on Facebook. It's the same thing as son, Casey moss. So yeah, those are my two two main places to get to my business and to my websites and all of that.

All right. Thank you all for listening in or watching the nobody wants to work though podcast. We are on number nine. I just started this leg two weeks ago. So I'm super excited. Super excited. So I'm keen to try to keep the momentum up, but I might have to cut like a season or something like that because it'd be a lot and then come back a month or something. Thank y'all for watching and see y'all next time. Bye.